Burger King

CRM creative development

International Women's Day 2019

2nd Annual motion graphics creation featuring the song 'Hey Girl.'


Logo creation for video newsletter

Lance Snacks

Original social creative for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Wholey Cheese!

Original 3D social creative for Facebook

International Women's Day

Instagram Story and Twitter animated videos.

Boston Children's Hospital

Breakdown of the creation of 2D and 3D interactive game elements.

Constant Color Wave

An immersive projection mapping project with original music and graphics.

New York Times

Kinetic typography for a WBUR radio & NYTimes Modern Love podcast.

National Geographic

Network rebrand and package exercise.

Jack in the Box

Freelance Social Content Creation.


Facebook Canvas Ad creation

3D Character Animation


Modeling, Lighting, & Rendering

Highlights of still 3D work created in Cinema 4D with a focus on texturing and lighting.