The Digital Media and Design Department at UConn was selected to create a 20 foot interactive wall at BCH. This wall stands in the middle of the lobby, in front of an open area, surrounded by Microsoft Kinects. The motion of passerbys is captured and triggers interactive events onscreen. I worked on the BCH project for two full years until the end of our contract with the hospital. It was one of the most rewarding projects I've been involved in proving the impact that thoughtfully made art can have.

Monsters Scene

The Monster's Scene took almost a full year to complete from ideation to execution. There were so many moving parts and challenges to face. We had to invent, draw, model, rig and animate the characters each with their own personality. The aim of this game was to have children and guests walk by the wall and have their motion trigger the opening of doors and windows. Each character had a 'peek' animation, triggered by a user walking past the wall, as well as a 'pop' animation, trigger by users remaining in the same spot.

A Sample of a Character Breakdown Sheet

Breakdown sheets created by project manager Hunter French

An Initial Model

Twiggy (right) was modeled by team member Jared Fishler

Rigged and Animated

Both characters were rigged and animated by myself

In Practice

Birds Scene

This scene featured birds from around the world sitting on telephone wire. As people walked by the birds they passed would play an animation and chirp. Each bird also had an idle animation that would play every so often so the scene felt truly organic and alive.

My Birds

In Practice

Matching Game

The Matching Game was a simple concept that encouraged teamwork and communication. When one user highlighted a card and flipped it over another person would walk around flipping cards until they found the match. I created all of the iconography.


In Practice